Headshot Photographer Specializing in Actor Headshots

A great actor headshot is essential for anyone in pursuit of acting.  I once read a writer new to Los Angeles who joked he discovered that while in LA there’s a 1 in 3 chance anyone you interact with has professional headshots ready for distribution.  With the acting, fashion and corporate communities so concentrated in all of the greater Los Angeles area, there might be something to this off-the-cuff statistic. 

Maybe you’re not an actor or a model but bloggers, business leaders, and entertainment personalities all need professional headshots to represent their brands.  These can be done in about 30 minutes, at an affordable starting rate of $300 for two looks, in my studio.  If you’re interested in booking me as your headshot photographer please contact me.  You can also see more of my work as a headshot photographer on Instagram. If you’re looking into getting your first set of headshots please have a look at this post about getting your first commercial and theatrical headshots.

Actor Headshot Pricing

2 Look Session

$ 300 2 Looks
  • One Commercial Headshot
  • One Theatrical Headshot
  • Professional Retouching
  • Print Rights
  • *$150 Deposit Required

3 Look Session

$ 375 3 Looks
  • One Commercial Headshot
  • One Theatrical Headshot
  • One Additional Headshot
  • Professional Retouching
  • Print Rights
  • *$150 Deposit Required

What You Get From Your Acting Headshot Session

You receive every usable shot from the session edited for color, brightness, and sharpness. 2 or 3 of those shots, which will be chosen by you, will get a thorough professional retouching. You’ll receive those finals in a few days in color, black and white, as well as some variations.

Tips On How To Prepare For Your Actor Headshot Session

Awesome! You booked a shoot! So what now? I highly recommend you read/watch this Backstage article which includes priceless information from casting directors on what they expect from headshot submissions. They say it better than I ever could; after all, they’re the ones who do the hiring. 

Avoid drinking alcohol at least a few days before your shoot and get plenty of sleep. Your eyes will thank you for this! Try to stay way from foods that tend to bloat you such as heavy dairy. Some cardio exercise is recommended for a few days if it’s not already part of your weekly routine.

What To Bring To Your Professional Headshot Session

Confidence and Courage! We’re looking through your skin and trying to tell the story you want to tell about yourself. Your metal attitude should be positive to get the best results. People often act as their own worst critic but coming into a shoot with a positive mental attitude creates the foundation for seeing yourself later the same way. Be courageous when you’re engaging with the camera and trust it is seeing the best of you.

What to Wear for Acting Headshots

Bring a few wardrobe options. Some timeless classics that always work well in the photos include black turtlenecks, collared shirts, and blazers. The more the better but DO NOT wear distracting patterns or large logos. They’ll draw attention away from your face and eyes.  

A really common thing people do is go shopping for clothes that create the look he or she is after and then return them when the shoot is finished.  It’s the best way to get a the curated look you want without spending additional money.  Layers of tops work really nice and solid colors are preferable.  Think about what will go well with your eyes; that’s where we want the attention to go.  So if there’s a color that really makes them pop you definitely want to include it but not limit yourself to it.

Professional hair and makeup is nice to have but really not necessary. If you do get your hair and make up professionally done please remember to make it look natural. Don’t overdue it. Remember the #1 rule of your headshot – it should look like you! I work with several hair & makeup artists and one can be available upon request for an additional cost.

What We’ll Shoot During Your Actor Headshot Session

The looks we want to capture include a commercial shot, a dramatic theatrical shot, a character shot, and a strong leading role shot. We use black, grey, and white for studio backdrops.

Considering booking a session?

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