Modeling Agency Submissions

Models have to start somewhere. If you are a model looking for representation with an agency you’ll need to start with simple but specific photos to submit. Each agency has their own requirements but they’re all really similar. For example, Ford Models requires 4 images: A close up headshot, profile headshot, Waist-up and a full length. That’s pretty standard for most agencies but they also stipulate they want a clean face with absolutely no makeup, pulled back hair and a form fitting outfit like jeans and a tank top in order to see the shape of your body. Some agencies will request smiles and other agencies might require no smile. LA Models also asks for two headshots, a full length and 3/4 length image. They also note: do not smile, do not pose, shoot with a plain wall or simple background behind you, wear a swimsuit, keep your hair pulled back, be as natural as possible (no makeup). A lot of agencies will require 2 sets: one in casual clothes and the other in a swimsuit. Be sure to know exactly what the agencies you are submitting to want from you regarding photos.

It’s important you be aware of predatory practices in the modeling world. You should never have to pay to attend a casting. Agencies will never ask you to submit nude, lingerie, or sexual images. You should be the one initiating contact with a photographer, not the other way around. Be skeptical of anyone who contacts you via social media. You should always verify the identity of anyone claiming to be a representative of an agency. Agencies are not secretive about who works for them so their agents should be easy to verify.

Modeling Photography Pricing

All final images come in high resolution as well as digital friendly resolution. Because most agencies want images that are natural, retouching is kept to a minimum.

One Outfit – $250

Photographed in one set of clothes, proof gallery, and 4 final images

Two Outfits – $400

Photographed in two sets of clothes, proof gallery, and 8 final images