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As a maternity photographer, I strive to document the strength, grace, and beauty of early motherhood. Maternity is a precious experience which occurs only a few times in your life. These requests are the most gratifying to receive and I hope I can help you start documenting memories of this special time.  Contact me if you’re interested in working with me as your maternity photographer either on location or at the studio in Woodland Hills.  Also, you can see more of my work on Instagram. Or if you’re interested how shoots go, please check out my case studies.

When should I take my maternity photos?

For most pregnancies, the best time to take your maternity photos is between 31 – 36 weeks depending on your size, comfort and personal preference. It’s obvious your belly will continue to grow but also consider the later into the pregnancy you go, the more water your body will start to retain.

How to prepare for your maternity photos

Preparing for your maternity shoot will help you to get what you want out of your maternity session. Browse around to find inspiring images and start narrowing them down to what you think would look good for you. Find poses you think you’d be comfortable with but also consider some poses you find a little adventurous, spicy, or challenging. A Pinterest board really comes in handy for this. Also consider the small details of yourself and how you want those seen. Maybe you favor the right side of your face because of a dimple or you prefer your hair to a certain side. Being aware of those small details and being able to verbally convey them is important. When you have these things, then it’s time for a consultation.

Maternity Photographer Consultation

Once you book a maternity shoot we’ll set an appointment for a consultation. It’s both mandatory and free. We will discuss visual samples of things you like, specifics you want, and I’ll give you feedback on how we can work it into a session. Also, If you have a Pinterest board, please share it with me!

Maternity Session Pricing

Classic Maternity Session
Starting at $350

This session is great for any mother but especially for 1st time expectant mothers. A Classic Maternity Session is for Mom + one and can be experienced on location or in studio. The session can last up to 60 minutes and it includes 20 edited digital images, and 3 final images professionally retouched. All final images come in large print resolution, print rights included, as well as a standard resolution for digital usage. All files are delivered via Google Drive.

Family Maternity Session
Starting at $475

This package includes all the same from the Classic Maternity Session but includes the whole family rather than just Mom + one.

Additional Costs:
  • Location Permit (If Applicable)
  • Travel Fee (If Applicable)
  • Full Professional Retouching – $50 / Image
    -Retouching service includes skin retouching and smoothing, body shaping, hair retouching, teeth whitening, background cleanup, lighting optimization, and color grading.

What to wear for a maternity shoot

Without a doubt, the best approach when deciding what to wear for a maternity shoot is to go for something timeless. What does that mean? Well, you don’t want to look at your photo in ten years and regret that you were wearing something that seems so dated. Avoid loud designs or patterns. The best colors are solids and preferably white or pastels but that’s totally subjective. Erving Goffman claimed the body was merely a peg on which we hang the “self” for display. So do some research and curate the look that creates the story you want to tell. As a maternity photographer, here are some of my recommendations for your consideration.

Best dresses for maternity photos

Maxi Dress
This long flowing dress is one of the best options for any maternity shoot. It flaunts the curves you want to be seen and hides the ones you don’t want seen. The fabric has a nice subtle and soft texture. When back-lit, the lighter ones let just enough light through to accentuate the body nicely. It flows well with a little breeze and it’s incredibly comfortable. Additionally, Maxi Dresses come in every color and have a lot of style variations available to suit your tastes.

Bodycon Dress
If long and flowing isn’t your flavor, these are great options. They’re form fitting and bold! They also come in a variety of styles.

Best Underwear for maternity photos

Nude / Undergarments
This option, for the bold and confident, produces really beautiful results. If you’re looking for just the right undergarments’, Hanky Panky makes great garments for maternity photos. They have a wide range of colors and fit sizes 2-12. Most importantly, they form well to the body and don’t create indentations in the skin. See what I mean here.

Accessories, Belt, and Shoes
Usually, simple items like a flower can go a long ways to adding something to your image. Maybe not a whole bouquet but a few would be nice. A belt of some sort above your belly is something to consider too if you want to accentuate your baby bump even more. Wear your wedding ring if you have it or some other small accenting ring on your finger(s).

If your shoot includes your partner don’t match too closely. Contrast between two people is preferred to two bodies bleeding into each other.

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