Family Photographer – Los Angeles & SFV

Family Photography Sessions

Family photos serve as cherished portals to the past, connecting us with our ancestors, predecessors who shaped the narrative of our existence. They allow us to glimpse the faces, expressions, and emotions of those who came before us, providing a tangible link to our heritage and offering insights into our own identities. In each carefully preserved photograph, we find fragments of our family’s story, a visual tapestry that weaves together the threads of our collective history.

Family Photography Packages & Pricing

All family photography sessions include:
A consultation well before the shoot to assure we’re on the same page and have a smooth session.
A personal online gallery to view your proofs
1 set of final images in color + 1 set in black and white
4K resolution digital images

Single Family- $550

Intended for up to 6 immediate family members.

60 Minute Session
20 Images

Multi Family – $800

75 Minute Session
40 Images
1 – 16×20 Gallery Print

Large Multi Family – $1000

90 Minute Session for multiple Families
50 Images
1 16×20 Gallery Print

Print Prices

In today’s digital age, where images are captured and shared instantaneously, the value of printed photographs may seem diminished. However, their enduring importance cannot be understated. Holding a physical photograph in our hands, feeling its texture, and seeing the subtle imperfections adds depth and tangibility to the memories they encapsulate. They resist the transience of the digital realm, standing as tangible reminders of our shared history.

16×20 – $100

8×10 – $50

5×7 – $25